what gem hides behind “Gaudia Tech”? : Stellar

Gaudia Tech could be one of the most ambitious tech startup based in the Eastern region of France.

The “big picture” I have as a founder, is to transform the way online PC games are published and monetized, thanks to Blockchain/decentralized technologies. After three years of research, I know very precisely how to do it.

All I need is a bit more time, money and support from skilled people.

My future proposal is likely to attract cryptofans as well as “regular” gamers fond of indie games. Nowadays most of PC games are sold via Steam. I’m going to prove that something different is possible and that the alternative is rewarding for both indie devs (often struggling with dev costs) and for casual or hardcore players.

A Stellar-based token has been created so anyone can “crowdfund” this project progressively: the GTshare token (case sensitive) also known as Gaudia Tech: digital company share.

The price of the GTshare token is already skyrocketing as it went from 20 XLM/unit to 100+ XLM in less than a year. If you’re interested in supporting Gaudia Tech and/or receive XLM on a monthly basis, I invite you to look the token up via the StellarX exchange / Stellar.expert.

The 1st product that will be published in accordance with this “new way of doing things” is a RPG/tactical combat game currently in alpha phase, named “Brutos Online”. Anyone can already download the alpha version and test it (PC+Windows required), see below.

To learn more about the project, the work-in-progress software, or the token, please visit this temporary website.

Let’s transform the gaming industry together! Thank you for your interest.

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