Siacoin Team Help Please, Unable to send Siacoin from my Wallet : siacoin

I have 1.2 Millions SiaCoin in my Sia UI Wallet, while i have downloaded the latest version v1.3.7 and try to send out only few thousands out of 1.2 millions siacoin to an exchange but this error appearing, unfortunately i tried to re download the whole blockchain few times while deleting the consensus.db file and the whole blockchain is fully Synchrozed as of Block Height : 180037 by the time i am posting this here, i was only able to transfer 850000 siacoin and 51 siacoin as well 101 siacoin while rest of my siacoin of 1.2 Million is in my Wallet yet and i am unable to send it, i have done all the possible way but again and again the same error appearing even i tried to send only 50 Siacoin but this error appearing “error when calling /wallet/siacoins: unable to get transaction accepted: consensus conflict: provided transaction set is standalone and invalid: transaction spends a nonexisting siacoin output”

Please help me what to do ? I have tried so many times from last 3 days but not working.

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