I want to sell my GPU for a STEEM upvote! : steem

Hello folks!

It’s a while already that I’m trying to sell my GPUs.

I’ve been able to sell some of them on Ebay, Amazon, and some local website for FIAT, but I really would like to sell them for crypto.

I tried to use open bazaar but I just got followed by some drug dealers, and porn addict, and no GPU sold!

The cards are RX570 some of them nitro+ and some of them Pulse mini, with, of course different price range.

Here the pics and the specifications:



The cards are practically new, with all the original boxes, never overclocked!

They are located in Portugal and I can ship all over the world.

I would like to try to sell them via STEEMIT for an upvote! THe upvote must be worth enough of course like 140/150 USD for the PULSE MINI and 170/180 USD for the nitro +.

I’ll write a post with the card pictures, once I’ll get the upvote I’ll send them out after the upvote has been credited to my steem account.

I think it is a good idea, I’m open for suggestions about it.

In case you are interested you can reply here or PM me.

Have a nice day

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