I just have a few question/confirmations about bch and the fork. I don’t have a huge amount so I plan on transferring to coinbase or binance before the fork. I guess I’m just wondering, what should I do as soon as it splits and should I use coinbase or binance? Should I then trade it or just sell to

my usd? I can only trade on binance correct? Should I just leave it as bsv and see what happens since it's not a large amount or should I just trade it for another crypto like bch? Thanks I don't really want to make another exchange profile but since I was going to anyway as a backup I guess its ok. Is binance cool to use or would you suggest using something else like coinex maybe? Not sure which one allows trading if they do or if they are good to use. I consider myself a conservative invester who isn't going crazy about this I just want to make the best decision.

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