Financial Foundations Crumbling with Christopher Greene of AMTV

Did you learn what fiat currency was growing up? Most people today still don’t know what fiat is. And they have no idea that the old school financial world is already dead… we’re just waiting for it to give off its death rattle.

Today, we welcome Christopher Greene of the popular YouTube channel, AMTV, to the show, to discuss the major changes that are taking place in the world financial systems, and how blockchain and crypto play a key role in bringing stability.

We’re not conspiracy theorists, but we could swear we saw Elvis walking the streets of Las Vegas.

Welcome to episode #203 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Feature: Christopher Greene

Christopher Greene is the founder of Alternative Media Television and Bitcoin Rich. A firebrand in the media world, Christopher began his career in media in 2008-09 after quitting his job as a Merrill Lynch stockbroker to start his own YouTube channel. Christopher quickly gained notoriety for being a major disruptor to the “Big Networks” as his influence and message spread across the world reaching millions of people monthly. Christopher has been featured on CNN, Fox News, RT and many other news channels. He has interviewed a variety of celebrities such as Steve Forbes, Rand Paul, George Foreman, John Bolton and many others. A well known media personality and serial entrepreneur, Christopher has become an internet millionaire and founder of a revolutionary new platform  His audience has grown to over 500,000 subscribers worldwide to thousands more who joined his private crypto academy. A Bitcoin evangelist, Christopher has become a major influential voice in the crypto community advising and reviewing numerous ICO startups as they come to market. From his experience in business as a stockbroker to his unique ability to connect with people through social media, Christopher Greene has successfully created a brand to rival today’s economic/media models while providing a fresh perspective on what “Business as Usual” means for future generations.


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